Georgia Legal Aid, You Must Know!

Legal aid is an institution that is non-profit, this legal aid agency established with the aim of providing free assistance to people who need legal help.  The meaning of free of charge is not required to pay (fees) for lawyers, but for operational costs such as court fees (the case is borne by the client, even if they can afford it). In Georgia legal aid usually has its specificity in choosing the case to handle according to its mission.

Georgia Legal Aid

There are also institutions that call legal aid but seek profit. So, you should ask for clarity the first time. If you want to get Georgia legal aid for free, you can visit the nearest legal assistance with your residence, or can come directly to some legal aid, and then you will be assisted by an advocate.

Georgia Legal Aid For Free

Here are some lists of Georgia legal aid that you can access for free

  1. Lamda Legal

Legal lambda is one of the legal aid aids established in 1973. This legal aid is the oldest institution that carries the mission of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and people with HIV / AIDS rights recognition. Georgia legal aid form of litigation, education, counseling, and public policy. It is a non-profit organization that does not charge fees and does not receive government assistance. The funds that flow are donations from donors across the country.

Besides having his / her address in Georgia, this legal aid institute also has an address in New York, Philadelphia, Lost angles, Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas. Handled cases of LGBTIQ, HIV / AIDS, and civil rights. For more information, please visit our official website at

  1. Georgia Bar Association

If you have a problem in the realm of immigration, then the Georgia legal aid lawyers for the arts becomes one of the right solutions. You just need to visit the address located at 191 Peachtree St. Atlanta, Georgia 30303. You can send fax also to  (404) 572-5143.  On legal or otherwise you may seek assistance in any legal case relating to immigration.

  1. Georgia Legal Services Program, Inc.

This legal aid is Provide access to opportunities and justice for Georgians legal aid little cost in the areas domestic of family law, violence, consumer law, domestic, housing, public benefits, healthcare law, employment law, and legal education. For more information, you can open the official website at

  1. DeKalb Volunteer Lawyers Foundation

DeKalb Volunteer Lawyers Foundation as legal aid is Georgia legal aid that engaged in various law jerseys, such as, bankruptcy, domestic violence, employment, juvenile, guardianship, adoption, child custody, real estate, dissolution of marriage, social security, housing, general litigation, consumer, dan will.

DeKalb Volunteer Lawyers Foundation located at 315 W. Ponce De Leon Ave 561Decatur, Georgia 30030. For more information, you can contact by phone: 404-373-0865 and by fax: 404-378-0152.

  1. Clayton County Pro Bono Project

Clayton County Pro Bono Project where is located at 54 Ellis Street, NE Atlanta, Georgia. This legal aid deals with legal issues, such as AIDS / HIV, consumer, adoption, dissolution of marriage, real estate, Georgia child custody,  individual rights,  education, bankruptcy, employment, housing, domestic violence, juvenile, will.

If you want to know about this legal aid in more detail you can visit website page at or directly contact via telephone: (404) 524-5811, legal aid this one is legal aid non-profit, so all his help is free.

That’s some Georgia legal aid that you can access for free with various cases that can handle. For more details, you can contact directly or visit the website page. After meeting with the legal aid, make sure all issues are told without cover-up to help the advocacy work.

Popular Forms:

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Free Power of Attorney Form

Power of Attorney form is a letter containing information giving representation authority to do an act in the name of the authorizer. This letter shall be proof that a person who has obtained the power to perform the duties ascribed to the message shall represent on behalf of the authorizer. Even so, there are only a few types of free power of attorney form that you can make yourself.

Free Power of Attorney Form

Power of attorney or form of POA is significant to make if someone can’t do a task or activity, but still, want to solve it. The kind of power of attorney that you can make yourself is only a personal power of attorney. Individual power of attorney is a free power of attorney form given by someone to another person or company to engage in an activity which is in the personal interest of the authorizer, such as taxpayer, electricity pay, goods collection, salary, etc.

How to Make Free Power of Attorney

To make an individual attorney form is quite easy because it only authorized in carrying out the personal activities of a power of attorney. In making an own power of attorney, you just need a few things to be written:

  1. Title

In making a free power of attorney form, you should place the title at the top of the letter in the middle. The title of the letter should write as “Power of Attorney” or “Personal Power of Attorney.” the writing of this title is important, and they usually become a letterhead. Don’t forget the font you use in making the title is different from the font in the description section below. Make sure the size is bigger and thicker.

  1. Personal Data

The next section is a description of the author’s data, such as name, address, occupation, mobile phone number, etc. (The more complete, the better). Then, the next part is the self-data of a power of attorney. Do not forget before writing the data yourself, and you also have to write a sentence that explains that the data of themselves under it is the person receiving the power. Example: “At this moment authorize the: … .. (self-data)”

  1. Authorization

In the next section, do not forget you create a paragraph about what power is in it. This article shall become necessary to limit the movement or authority of the proxy to exercise the activities on behalf of the proxy. Make a clear statement of authorization in your free power of attorney form. Don’t forget to make this section as detailed as possible.

  1. Date And Signature

Date and signature both of you and power of attorner, below right-hand side and letter. Don’t forget to add the name to the trademark. If a given power contains a binding legal element, you can add a seal to it. This seal is mandatory so as not to harm either party.

  1. Template

If you want to get a more practical way, you can use the model available on the application and website. A lot of sites that embed the free power of attorney form template. You can choose what kind of template to match. Usually, the model also provides another type of power of attorney that you can download and use.

Free Power of Attorney Form 2

Making free power of attorney form is not difficult; you can follow the simple ways like the above or use a template provided on some websites for free. Some of the above methods you can try at home to give a power of attorney to people who you trust. Even so, you need to be careful to provide a power of attorney. Make sure the person you authorize can believe.

Affidavit Form for Dual Citizenship

The affidavit form is an official document stating dual nationality or dual citizenship. This Affidavit is a form of a formal letter issued by almost all country Embassy in the Visa section whose function is to obtain a limited stay permit without having to use VISA. This affidavit form may be in use until the child is only 18 years old. The affidavit just showed at the time of admission to a country in Immigration country at the Airport or in Seaport only.

Affidavit form

All About Affidavit Form

  1. What is Affidavit Form?

The affidavit is an immigration facility provided by a government for children born from the marriage between a country citizens and foreign nationals (dual nationals) who are not yet 18 (eighteen) years of age or unmarried. The parent or guardian shall register the child of dual nationality at the immigration or representative country office whose working area covers the child’s residence.

The registration is intended to obtain the facility as a country’s citizen with dual citizenship. If the child of that dual nationality is either 18 (eighteen) years of age or is married, must submit a declaration to choose one of his citizenships. If the child is using a foreign passport, then the child’s passport will be given an affidavit explaining that the child is the subject of article 41 of the Citizenship Act.

Affidavit form sample

  1. How Do I Affidavit Form Inside a Foreign Passport?

The Affidavit form is an immigration letter attached or incorporated to a foreign passport containing the information as a dual nationality child and providing immigration facilities to the holder under the provisions of the legislation. The affidavit used when the child visits and resides in a country for a specific time in his status as a limited citizen. This oath is only valid for one visit (once entered and once out) territory.

  1. How to Get an Affidavit?

Dual Citizenship Registration filed in writing containing at least the following: full name of Dual Citizenship, date of birth, gender, address, parents’ name, parental citizenship, and marital status of parents. Also, you can download the registration form on the official website of the relevant foreign ministry.

  1. Function

Affidavits are used in business and judicial and administrative processes. While business the affidavit is released as proof that would state the financial condition of a business or a company. Overall economic conditions. whereas, in the judicial process it helps at the stage of examination of administrative completeness.

An affidavit form is usually based on data and trust information. Personal knowledge is that recognition of certain facts either by direct observation or experience. in brief, affidavits usually include names and addresses, facts about making affidavits, notice about the court to be used, and signatures of affiliates and notaries.

  1. What if a Client Asks a Notary to Create an Affidavit?

In principle, which can be done by Notary in connection is the difference of name in the document. The Affidavit format usually made when there is a name difference in texts used for immigration or documents for enrollment at overseas schools. For example, the name has written on the birth certificate “Firana,” it turns out in the ID written “Tirana,” then the person must create an affidavit authorized by the notary to provide information on the actual name.

That’s some important things you need to know. If you want to create an affidavit form, you should consult first to legal counsel or the people who are competent. Besides that, every country usually has different regulation, so you also have to know in advance the applicable law.

A Power of Attorney Form in Any Type

Power of attorney containing the authorization of a person to take care of something.  Power of Attorney form is a document authorizing a person to act on behalf of another person document that permits an individual to act on behalf of someone else. This letter usually contains about the transfer of authority from a person or a specific official to someone or other officials. Naturally, this power of attorney is authority delegation may represent the authorizing party.

A Power of Attorney Form

The Type of Power Of Attorney Form

A power of attorney usually includes four kinds, such as:

  1. General Power of Attorney

This General letter contains the authorization of a person to exercise the interests of the authorizer. In this general power of attorney form, it has emphasis only on the act of handling the affairs of a power of attorney.

  1. Special Power of Attorney

On the special power of attorney, the authorization may be made of interest or more. The characteristics of this type power of attorney are: letters may serve as a basis when acting in court as a representative of the proxy. This power of attorney also mentioned in detail what a power of attorney should take actions. Special power of attorney can be used as a basis when for example litigation in court.

  1. Extraordinary Power of Attorney

In this type, the power of attorney form performed to the most critical actions that can only be done by that person. Examples of this power of attorney are a special power of attorney to make peace, and an extraordinary power of attorney to swear an oath.

  1. Intermediate Power of Attorney

Like this letter, the authorizer give authorizes as an intermediary/ agent/ representative to perform specific legal actions relating to a third party. Well after understanding the meaning of the power of attorney and the types, then let’s continue to the more technical direction for the preparation to make a legal power of attorney.

A Power of Attorney Form Sample

How To Make A Power Of Attorney Form

  1. Make Draft a Power of Attorney

You can make a draft of power of attorney on paper. So, as a power of attorney to make an example letter that will be typed to be neater on the computer. In this paper, write down what you need to include in the letter, including your data as a power of attorney, authorized person, the purpose of authorization, and date of letter making.

  1. Write the Authority’s Power of Self Data and Self-authorized Data.

Next typed to make power of attorney form. It usually begins with the following sentence “I am who undersigned,” followed by the name, place of birth date, and address. It’s okay if you want to give an additional identity, such as Gender, ID Number, and Workplace Address. Then, type in the data of the authorized party. As before, the written data includes the name, place of birth date, address and other identities deemed necessary.

  1. Describe the Need for Authorization

In this section, you can explain what the purpose of this power of attorney form. For example for taking Rapport, retrieving documents, or something else. Write clearly and detail. For example, to take Report, it must also be written the type of rapport that will make, name, number, grade, and so forth. Then proceed with a closing sentence that explains this power of attorney can be used to approach each other.

  1. Date and Signature of the Authorizer and Authorized

At the very end, it is writing about the time of making the letter and its place. Then followed by the name of a power of attorney and authorized. In that part later both parties give your signature and authorized.

That’s some kind and how to make a power of attorney form. If a power of attorney is in an essential category, you can add a seal in the signature section to have more legal authority. This power of attorney usually can also be a letter of mandate or testament.