Easy Chipotle Fax Order Form for your Mexican Delicacy Takeaway

[gview file=”http://www.formspdf.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/chipotle-fax-order-form.pdf” height=”490px” width=”600px” save=”1″]

You can always order the chipotle menus from home just with the chipotle fax order form. Mexican

foods are always tasteful with the essence of the tomato and avocado, and garnish it with the tortilla and

brown rice. The jalapeno chili is very basic along with the paprika chili and the coriander leaves. The

beany texture is very Mexican, starting from lentils, black beans, and the pinto beans.

Chipotle Fax Order Form Explanations

As you can see in the chipotle fax order form, the entrée is divided in four sections. They are the burritos,

burrito bowl, tacos, and salads. You can pick one of these entrée and continuing to next section. The first

column in your chipotle menu order form beside your entrée is the rice and bean option, just circle the

letter if you want to add this. The beans are in two variants, the black bean and the pinto bean.

The next step to be done in the chipotle fax order form is the filling. The fillings are the chicken, steak,

carnitas, barbacoa, and vegetarian filling. The chicken is marinated and grilled before it served. The steak

is farm assured beef that has been marinated in the adobo, and then grilled. The carnitas is the seared

pork meat, then shredded. The barbacoa is like the same as barbeque in general, it is beef and grilled. The

vegetarian is only tasteful if you don’t like the meat genres.

Finishing Chipotle Fax Order Form

After you pick the best filling on your entrée, in the chipotle fax order form you can circle the amount of

salsa you want along with the fajita veggies as the green companion in your entrée. In the dairy section,

you can pick the cheese or the sour cream to make your meal more tasteful than just a plain one without

any savory taste. After all just fax the form into the fax number of your nearest chipotle locations.


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