Frugal 99 Cent Store Application for Job Hunter

If you want to work at 99 Cent, you can look to 99 Cent Store application. 99 cent store is a big retail shop based in California, in Commerce exactly. The company establishes healthy, café, and efficient work place to the employees, customers and publics. The company has rule that everyone who wants to apply job at the company must follow some test of drug testing.

99 Cent Store Application Content

You need to print the 99 cent store application in order to learn more about the 99 cent store application form before you fill it. Prepare all of your documents when you already want to fill the form. What you need to fill in the form written on it is your personal information. For the age under 18 years old, you must fill the questions whether you able to proof your work ability. The next one is employment desired, if you apply for job position in retail hours you need to know that the availability of the hours are vary and cannot be guaranteed. Education is what you need to fill next in the form, after that you will find 3 questions whether you ever shop at 99 Cent Store, your reason to work at the store and how you will describe your service to the customer. Next is about your previous employment.

99 cent store application form, 99 cent store job application

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You need to read the statements and agreements next in the 99 Cent store application, because it is very important. After that fill your signature and application date. You can submit your application of retail positions in the nearest store location.

Finishing 99 Cent Store Application

At the bottom of 99 cent store application, the form will be filled by the interviewer. You better prepare yourself since you submit your 99 cent store job application. Go get as many information about the company to prepare your interview test later.

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