A Power of Attorney Form in Any Type

A Power of Attorney Form

Power of attorney containing the authorization of a person to take care of something.  Power of Attorney form is a document authorizing a person to act on behalf of another person document that permits an individual to act on behalf of someone else. This letter usually contains about the transfer of authority from a person or a specific official to someone or other officials. Naturally, this power of attorney is authority delegation may represent the authorizing party.

A Power of Attorney Form

The Type of Power Of Attorney Form

A power of attorney usually includes four kinds, such as:

  1. General Power of Attorney

This General letter contains the authorization of a person to exercise the interests of the authorizer. In this general power of attorney form, it has emphasis only on the act of handling the affairs of a power of attorney.

  1. Special Power of Attorney

On the special power of attorney, the authorization may be made of interest or more. The characteristics of this type power of attorney are: letters may serve as a basis when acting in court as a representative of the proxy. This power of attorney also mentioned in detail what a power of attorney should take actions. Special power of attorney can be used as a basis when for example litigation in court.

  1. Extraordinary Power of Attorney

In this type, the power of attorney form performed to the most critical actions that can only be done by that person. Examples of this power of attorney are a special power of attorney to make peace, and an extraordinary power of attorney to swear an oath.

  1. Intermediate Power of Attorney

Like this letter, the authorizer give authorizes as an intermediary/ agent/ representative to perform specific legal actions relating to a third party. Well after understanding the meaning of the power of attorney and the types, then let’s continue to the more technical direction for the preparation to make a legal power of attorney.

A Power of Attorney Form Sample

How To Make A Power Of Attorney Form

  1. Make Draft a Power of Attorney

You can make a draft of power of attorney on paper. So, as a power of attorney to make an example letter that will be typed to be neater on the computer. In this paper, write down what you need to include in the letter, including your data as a power of attorney, authorized person, the purpose of authorization, and date of letter making.

  1. Write the Authority’s Power of Self Data and Self-authorized Data.

Next typed to make power of attorney form. It usually begins with the following sentence “I am who undersigned,” followed by the name, place of birth date, and address. It’s okay if you want to give an additional identity, such as Gender, ID Number, and Workplace Address. Then, type in the data of the authorized party. As before, the written data includes the name, place of birth date, address and other identities deemed necessary.

  1. Describe the Need for Authorization

In this section, you can explain what the purpose of this power of attorney form. For example for taking Rapport, retrieving documents, or something else. Write clearly and detail. For example, to take Report, it must also be written the type of rapport that will make, name, number, grade, and so forth. Then proceed with a closing sentence that explains this power of attorney can be used to approach each other.

  1. Date and Signature of the Authorizer and Authorized

At the very end, it is writing about the time of making the letter and its place. Then followed by the name of a power of attorney and authorized. In that part later both parties give your signature and authorized.

That’s some kind and how to make a power of attorney form. If a power of attorney is in an essential category, you can add a seal in the signature section to have more legal authority. This power of attorney usually can also be a letter of mandate or testament.

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