Affidavit Form for Dual Citizenship

Affidavit form

The affidavit form is an official document stating dual nationality or dual citizenship. This Affidavit is a form of a formal letter issued by almost all country Embassy in the Visa section whose function is to obtain a limited stay permit without having to use VISA. This affidavit form may be in use until the child is only 18 years old. The affidavit just showed at the time of admission to a country in Immigration country at the Airport or in Seaport only.

Affidavit form

All About Affidavit Form

  1. What is Affidavit Form?

The affidavit is an immigration facility provided by a government for children born from the marriage between a country citizens and foreign nationals (dual nationals) who are not yet 18 (eighteen) years of age or unmarried. The parent or guardian shall register the child of dual nationality at the immigration or representative country office whose working area covers the child’s residence.

The registration is intended to obtain the facility as a country’s citizen with dual citizenship. If the child of that dual nationality is either 18 (eighteen) years of age or is married, must submit a declaration to choose one of his citizenships. If the child is using a foreign passport, then the child’s passport will be given an affidavit explaining that the child is the subject of article 41 of the Citizenship Act.

Affidavit form sample

  1. How Do I Affidavit Form Inside a Foreign Passport?

The Affidavit form is an immigration letter attached or incorporated to a foreign passport containing the information as a dual nationality child and providing immigration facilities to the holder under the provisions of the legislation. The affidavit used when the child visits and resides in a country for a specific time in his status as a limited citizen. This oath is only valid for one visit (once entered and once out) territory.

  1. How to Get an Affidavit?

Dual Citizenship Registration filed in writing containing at least the following: full name of Dual Citizenship, date of birth, gender, address, parents’ name, parental citizenship, and marital status of parents. Also, you can download the registration form on the official website of the relevant foreign ministry.

  1. Function

Affidavits are used in business and judicial and administrative processes. While business the affidavit is released as proof that would state the financial condition of a business or a company. Overall economic conditions. whereas, in the judicial process it helps at the stage of examination of administrative completeness.

An affidavit form is usually based on data and trust information. Personal knowledge is that recognition of certain facts either by direct observation or experience. in brief, affidavits usually include names and addresses, facts about making affidavits, notice about the court to be used, and signatures of affiliates and notaries.

  1. What if a Client Asks a Notary to Create an Affidavit?

In principle, which can be done by Notary in connection is the difference of name in the document. The Affidavit format usually made when there is a name difference in texts used for immigration or documents for enrollment at overseas schools. For example, the name has written on the birth certificate “Firana,” it turns out in the ID written “Tirana,” then the person must create an affidavit authorized by the notary to provide information on the actual name.

That’s some important things you need to know. If you want to create an affidavit form, you should consult first to legal counsel or the people who are competent. Besides that, every country usually has different regulation, so you also have to know in advance the applicable law.

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