Georgia Legal Aid, You Must Know!

Georgia Legal Aid

Legal aid is an institution that is non-profit, this legal aid agency established with the aim of providing free assistance to people who need legal help.  The meaning of free of charge is not required to pay (fees) for lawyers, but for operational costs such as court fees (the case is borne by the client, even if they can afford it). In Georgia legal aid usually has its specificity in choosing the case to handle according to its mission.

Georgia Legal Aid

There are also institutions that call legal aid but seek profit. So, you should ask for clarity the first time. If you want to get Georgia legal aid for free, you can visit the nearest legal assistance with your residence, or can come directly to some legal aid, and then you will be assisted by an advocate.

Georgia Legal Aid For Free

Here are some lists of Georgia legal aid that you can access for free

  1. Lamda Legal

Legal lambda is one of the legal aid aids established in 1973. This legal aid is the oldest institution that carries the mission of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and people with HIV / AIDS rights recognition. Georgia legal aid form of litigation, education, counseling, and public policy. It is a non-profit organization that does not charge fees and does not receive government assistance. The funds that flow are donations from donors across the country.

Besides having his / her address in Georgia, this legal aid institute also has an address in New York, Philadelphia, Lost angles, Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas. Handled cases of LGBTIQ, HIV / AIDS, and civil rights. For more information, please visit our official website at

  1. Georgia Bar Association

If you have a problem in the realm of immigration, then the Georgia legal aid lawyers for the arts becomes one of the right solutions. You just need to visit the address located at 191 Peachtree St. Atlanta, Georgia 30303. You can send fax also to  (404) 572-5143.  On legal or otherwise you may seek assistance in any legal case relating to immigration.

  1. Georgia Legal Services Program, Inc.

This legal aid is Provide access to opportunities and justice for Georgians legal aid little cost in the areas domestic of family law, violence, consumer law, domestic, housing, public benefits, healthcare law, employment law, and legal education. For more information, you can open the official website at

  1. DeKalb Volunteer Lawyers Foundation

DeKalb Volunteer Lawyers Foundation as legal aid is Georgia legal aid that engaged in various law jerseys, such as, bankruptcy, domestic violence, employment, juvenile, guardianship, adoption, child custody, real estate, dissolution of marriage, social security, housing, general litigation, consumer, dan will.

DeKalb Volunteer Lawyers Foundation located at 315 W. Ponce De Leon Ave 561Decatur, Georgia 30030. For more information, you can contact by phone: 404-373-0865 and by fax: 404-378-0152.

  1. Clayton County Pro Bono Project

Clayton County Pro Bono Project where is located at 54 Ellis Street, NE Atlanta, Georgia. This legal aid deals with legal issues, such as AIDS / HIV, consumer, adoption, dissolution of marriage, real estate, Georgia child custody,  individual rights,  education, bankruptcy, employment, housing, domestic violence, juvenile, will.

If you want to know about this legal aid in more detail you can visit website page at or directly contact via telephone: (404) 524-5811, legal aid this one is legal aid non-profit, so all his help is free.

That’s some Georgia legal aid that you can access for free with various cases that can handle. For more details, you can contact directly or visit the website page. After meeting with the legal aid, make sure all issues are told without cover-up to help the advocacy work.

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