Free Power of Attorney Form

Free Power of Attorney Form

Power of Attorney form is a letter containing information giving representation authority to do an act in the name of the authorizer. This letter shall be proof that a person who has obtained the power to perform the duties ascribed to the message shall represent on behalf of the authorizer. Even so, there are only a few types of free power of attorney form that you can make yourself.

Free Power of Attorney Form

Power of attorney or form of POA is significant to make if someone can’t do a task or activity, but still, want to solve it. The kind of power of attorney that you can make yourself is only a personal power of attorney. Individual power of attorney is a free power of attorney form given by someone to another person or company to engage in an activity which is in the personal interest of the authorizer, such as taxpayer, electricity pay, goods collection, salary, etc.

How to Make Free Power of Attorney

To make an individual attorney form is quite easy because it only authorized in carrying out the personal activities of a power of attorney. In making an own power of attorney, you just need a few things to be written:

  1. Title

In making a free power of attorney form, you should place the title at the top of the letter in the middle. The title of the letter should write as “Power of Attorney” or “Personal Power of Attorney.” the writing of this title is important, and they usually become a letterhead. Don’t forget the font you use in making the title is different from the font in the description section below. Make sure the size is bigger and thicker.

  1. Personal Data

The next section is a description of the author’s data, such as name, address, occupation, mobile phone number, etc. (The more complete, the better). Then, the next part is the self-data of a power of attorney. Do not forget before writing the data yourself, and you also have to write a sentence that explains that the data of themselves under it is the person receiving the power. Example: “At this moment authorize the: … .. (self-data)”

  1. Authorization

In the next section, do not forget you create a paragraph about what power is in it. This article shall become necessary to limit the movement or authority of the proxy to exercise the activities on behalf of the proxy. Make a clear statement of authorization in your free power of attorney form. Don’t forget to make this section as detailed as possible.

  1. Date And Signature

Date and signature both of you and power of attorner, below right-hand side and letter. Don’t forget to add the name to the trademark. If a given power contains a binding legal element, you can add a seal to it. This seal is mandatory so as not to harm either party.

  1. Template

If you want to get a more practical way, you can use the model available on the application and website. A lot of sites that embed the free power of attorney form template. You can choose what kind of template to match. Usually, the model also provides another type of power of attorney that you can download and use.

Free Power of Attorney Form 2

Making free power of attorney form is not difficult; you can follow the simple ways like the above or use a template provided on some websites for free. Some of the above methods you can try at home to give a power of attorney to people who you trust. Even so, you need to be careful to provide a power of attorney. Make sure the person you authorize can believe.

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