How to Form a Good ACH Compliance Habits Using ACH Credit/Debit Authorization Form Template


ACH Credit/Debit Authorization Form Template is important for an ACH originator to perform any ACH transactions. Although a lot of payments nowadays are electronic, the original setup of such transactions usually need a physical paper and a physical signature to validate it. This is especially correct for ACH originators, whom many of them use this type of transaction in order to pay their employees using direct deposit as well as collecting from customers using a preauthorized ACH debit, or maybe paying their vendors using ACH credits. Regardless of the fact whether a business collects their authorizations of ACH transaction using an online form or on a physical written paper, there are several things worth keeping in mind when you fill out your ACH transaction’s authorization form.

[gview file=”” height=”600px” width=”600px” save=”1″]First of all, make sure to balance the things that makes you comfortable with the ease of use of ACH transaction. It was not uncommon years ago for a lot of business to require a copy of voided check from the other part as part of the authorization process. Speaking from technical standpoint, this particular practice is still one of the most recommended as it is one of the best practices out there, but it is no longer required. A good alternative for this practice is to request the individual or the company to provide a bank letter that certifies the account number and the account name. This is one of most recommended factors that you need to keep in mind when forming your ACH Credit/Debit Authorization Form Template. Also, leave some wiggling room for flexibility when you form your form, this is usually involves certain additional terms that permit you to credit/debit in the account if there are ever event that leaves you underpaid or overpaid.

Last but not least, once your ACH authorization form has been returned and signed to you, you will need to hang onto those documents carefully. Make sure to keep copies as it is required by NACHA rules that regulate ACH transactions. Hope these gives you some insight before you form and submit ACH Credit/Debit Authorization Form Template.

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