How To Make a Lease Agreement For Student Boarding House


A lease agreement is a legally written legal document to legally bind a relationship between two parties, either the owner or the tenant. In this deal, some items that are often the object of the lease are among others land, house, money, vehicles, apartments, and so forth. In this time, we will give you a tutorial to make lease agreement for student boarding house.

Lease Agreement 2 Lease Agreement

This exists to protect both parties. For the owner, you can protect the goods you own with the lease and perform certain contracts as desired by both sides. For renters, this rental is useful to protect the right of the lessee following the existing agreement. Therefore, this letter is quite crucial as legally productive consumer and producer protection.

How to make lease agreement

  1. Name of Tenant

Rent a boarding house, means involving the owner and tenant who is usually a student. To make lease agreement, you must first write down your name as the owner and the name of the tenant along with the person who lives with them. This is to control who can stay in boarding house, and avoid others who do not include tenants to stay in the boarding house at a specific time (maximum stay is usually a week).

You also need to limit the occupancy of either the number of people living or the boundaries of territory that can’t be entered by outsiders. Make sure, every name that resides in the boarding house is responsible for the boarding house rented.

  1. Term of Tenancy

Determine how long the tenant will stay in the boarding house. Usually, the lease agreement form covers monthly or annual time, if on a tenant’s lease limit does not extend and does not go, then you as the owner can do a reprimand or grant a grace period. If in the grace period of the tenant does not provide certainty, then you are entitled to empty the boarding house.

  1. Consideration

This rent should be stated with a clear the lease agreement. In this case, you need to report precisely the financial costs that the tenant needs to spend every month, whether for the payment of boarding house, security costs, water costs, electricity costs, and other costs that will be issued by the tenant. Explain also about the maturity of rent payments and the consequences.  Don’t forget to include a payment method.

  1. Regulations

A boarding house tenant who is a student, you must establish rules that apply to the tenants. The usual rules are about the pets that can be used, the limits of visits for the opposite sex, not making noise, taking care of the property lease, paying the rent on time, and so forth. Other things you should look at are security area and cleanliness for the comfort of the tenants.

  1. Signature

To avoid the problem, you need to give legal force to the lease letter by including the signature of each tenant. In this case, the owner and associated tenant must sign in the lease. The sign in the stamp is preferred to have legal force. Make sure your rental agreement complies with the relevant laws. Then, you have written all the rules in detail in the letter of agreement.

That’s some way to create a lease agreement and some essential things that you need to include in the letter of agreement. In the boarding house, some signed rules are necessary to protect your producers and customers. So it is important that this letter is made by applicable law so that something will not harm the parties concerned.

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