Chipotle Order Sheet Designed in Customers Friendly Way


Chipotle Inc. as a Mexican food outlet and company has designed its own unique Chipotle order sheet. This order sheet can be retrieved by downloading on the internet for customers’ convenience. This order sheet then is faxed to the company and then customers need to confirm it by calling, to make sure their orders are valid. This Chipotle order menu is made so informative even people with a little bit or no knowledge of any Mexican food.

Chipotle Order Sheet in Detailed Menu Information

Choosing what you want to order in Chipotle is easy with its Chipotle order sheet. Even you have no idea at all and are trying Mexican food for the first time; you can still get images on what they’re serving. In the order sheet, they display menu on left side and order form on right side. The menu list itself has detailed description on main course for example Chipotle tacos. You can choose between tacos with soft flour or crispy corn tortilla, and the filling also may vary, starts from meat, salsa, cheese, or sour cream, along with lettuce. It’s all your decision. The filling has its description as well, like steak which is beef marinated with Chipotle adobo then grilled, and many more.
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Chipotle Order Sheet with Unique Way of Ordering

So, how to decide on your menu with this Chipotle order sheet? On right side there is main form for you to write your orders down. On top of the form there are food component in general to choose like main order, like rice, beans, fajita vegetable, stuffing, salsa, dairy, lettuce and drink. Below them are special codes for each item. For main orders and drinks you need to write them down yourself but for the rest, it’s by circling. Say that you want a taco with rice and black bean, filled with chicken and cheese, using hot salsa, and coke for beverage. So you need to write taco down, circle the R for rice, C for chicken, C for cheese under dairy menu, L for lettuce, and write coke on drink column. As simple as that!

Using convenient order sheet for customers should be put on the top list since customers shouldn’t be faced with difficult and complex way while ordering. Using codes the way Chipotle does to give customers freedom in choosing their pick-their-own-food style can be very helping and quick to do. Chipotle order sheet is made with customers’ satisfaction and convenience as main concern.

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