How To Make T-Shirt Order Form in Microsoft Word


If you own a t-shirt business, then creating a t-shirt form can help your customer to design the t-shirt they want much more easily. Also, in this globalization era, you can easily make a t-shirt form that you can provide to your customers. You don’t have to hire an expert of computer programming or a master in computer application. You just need to open your Microsoft Word application and follow the instruction below to make a perfect t-shirt form.

T-Shirt Order Form

The steps to make a t-shirt form in Microsoft Word

  1. Set the margin and the font

To start making a t-shirt form, open the Microsoft Word on your computer or laptop. After that, go directly to the margin setting that you can find in the Layout menu bar. Set it to be one inch for each margin. Then, go back to the home menu bar and set your font size along with the font style. It is recommended to set 10 until 12 points to make readable, and the style could be Times New Roman, Arial or Georgia.

  1. Include the company’s logo

After that, don’t forget to include the logo of your t-shirt company in your t-shirt purchase outline. You may put this logo on top of the form. It could be in the right corner, the left corner or even in the middle. It will be much better if you include the contact information as well, like phone number, website address or any social media account to ease the customer in reaching the information of your company.

  1. Insert the costumer’s information

Not only the company’s information, but you also need to provide space for your costumer’s information in your t-shirt form. This is also important for your company’s in processing the purchased items. Some information that you may add here, such as, the name of the costumer, the address, and active phone number. Also, another important information is the payment info.

  1. Create your t-shirt design column

In this part, you need to provide a column where your customer can input their t-shirt design. It may be created in four column with many rows below. The columns consists of the item number or code (if you use code) or any other description related to a certain t-shirt design. Then, the size, the quantity and the price. You may also add more column for other additional information like the t-shirt’s color and much more.

  1. Shipping cost column

After designing the t-shirt, your customer will be required to fulfill the payment column in a t-shirt form. This column may ease your costumers to get the payment information. Besides, you may also add a special instructions column dealing with your shipping cost.

  1. Save the form

If you have finished designing the purchase form, then don’t forget to save the file. To make is much easier to identify, you may add a master copy to your t-shirt form document. Also, you can convert your word file into pdf document to make it better and much simpler to use by your customers.

Now, if you have followed all of the steps above, you may create your t-shirt purchase document and publish it as your company’s t-shirt form. Thus, when your costumers want to design their t-shirt, they just need to simply use this form and get the t-shirt that they want. Also, to make this kind of form, you don’t need to use kinds of sophisticated application. Merely open your Microsoft word office and follow the steps above from beginning until the end.

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