The Important Terms to Include in a Rental Agreement Template


When a tenant (the buyer) and a landlord (the one who owns a property) have decided a deal each other about renting a property, then they need a rental agreement template as a formal document to legalize the deal. The property mentioned here includes a house, an apartment, room or any other living spaces. Also, there are some important terms that you need to include in a rental agreement template which will be explained below.

Rental Agreement Template

The important terms to include in your rental agreement

  1. The name of the tenants

In this part, all occupant who lives in the house must be included in a rental agreement template. Make sure you provide enough space to data all of the tenants who use or rent your property.

  1. The occupancy limitation

You also need to make a kind of agreement in your rental template on how much the tenants that use the rented or purchased property. Thus, you will have a right to know who lives in your rented house or property.

  1. The tenancy terms

Here, you need to agree on the duration of your rented or purchased property. It may start from month-to-month or even for every one year. To make a clear agreement between the landlord and the tenants, you need to include this rental agreement term.

  1. The specification of the rent

This section is also a must in a rental agreement template since it consists of the information about the amount of the rent payment, the payment methods as well as the due time to pay. Also, you may include some regulations if your tenants pay it late or after the due time.

  1. The payment

The payment here is more about the deposits and the fees of the property. This is also important to avoid confusing or problems between the landlord and the tenants.

  1. The repair and maintenance

In this part, it includes the specification for the tenants to keep the property clean with the right sanitary. Besides, for the security, some security alarms are also needed as well as painting walls. Include your permission and regulations dealing with these cases.

  1. The legal access to the property

There will be some property that is your and some others that belong to the tenants. To make a clear line between the tenants’ property and your property, you may make a legal access to your rental agreement template.

  1. The restrictions on tenants activity

To avoid any kinds of harmful activity or damage to your property that may cause by the tenants or other people around, you may create some kinds of regulations in your agreement template towards the tenants’ activity. It could be about restrictions on disruptive behavior like exaggerating noise and illegal activity like drugs dealing and many others.

  1. Pets restrictions

If you want the yard to be clean from any animal waste, then you may restrict the tenants to bring pets. However, you may also allow them but with the certain regulations in your rental agreement template, like the size of the animal and the number of the pets allowed on your property.

  1. Other regulations or restrictions

Last but not least, you may also include other kinds of regulations or restrictions into your rental agreement forms, such as rules about additional tenants, security and safety, deposits, rental property and many others.

Make sure you include all of the information above to your rental agreement template. Those regulations can be used to make clear rights between the tenants and the landlord. Also, it may prevent you from any kinds of misconceptions.

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