Express Scripts Mail Order Form for Convenient Integrated Medication


Express Scripts as a supportive pharmacy and healthcare give offer to the patient by using Express Scripts mail order form to make a new patient form. This offer can be used also to get new prescription later. However, being such convenience, Express Scripts become the most successful pharmacy company back in 2013. It also has fused with Medco healthcare, making it more advance and expert in handling patients’ needs to lead the result into their satisfactory.

Express Scripts Mail Order Form for New Patient Mail Form

Sending new patient’s data to a doctor now can be accommodated by using Express Scripts mail order form. It’s 2 pages of form with a lot of information and needed to be filled by the patient. This form is separated into 3 points, personal information, payment method, signature, and brief explanation about reviewing your prescription. In the personal information, you have to fill some basic data like name, ID number, birth date, gender, allergy if you have some, some family members’ data, and many others.Meanwhile, on point number 2, payment method, it’s about paying using credit card. You are not allowed to pay in cash, though.

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Express Scripts Mail Order Form for Doctor Only

For doctors, there is one special Express Scripts mail order form which is special. It’s called prescription which can be used to get proper medication. This prescription is divided into some parts. First, it’s a space to write down note to prescriber. Next part is for member information, contains member number that be put in a sequence of boxes. Next part is the patient information. This includes patient’s name and address, patient’s allergies if he or she has any, medical condition, and a blank space for additional note.Last part is the prescription information including the medication they need.

Using Express Script form your way to medication and prescription is way easier. You only need to send everything needed by mail or by fax and you’re going to receive your medicine. Express Scripts mail order form is a helpful method, indeed, in boosting patients’ or customers’ satisfactory to the next level.

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