Unique Costco cake order form pdf with order delivery


Do you know about Costco cake order form pdf when you want to get delicious cake? You can use

order special cake. It is simple form for you to fill in because you can choose cake from Costco wholesale

which is an authorized dealer for ordering cake via online. The dealer will take you to bakery department

they report all special message or inscription. You can follow the rule to know how it works.

How to use Costco cake order form pdf?

You will see an updated version of Costco cake order form pdf from US. For the design you have to choose

at least one of Costco cake design. There are 27 designs such as balloons, smiling sun, rainbow, clown,

and many more. It is usually chosen based on your personalized message especially when you want to

write something on it. The cake design doesn’t cover the seasonal design, so you have to look at costco

bakery. For the main options, there are white cake and chocolate cake you can select then add the cake


Based on Costco cake order form pdf, don’t worry about the price because it is not expensive. The cake

price is around $16.99 in US but also you can find in similar price in the UK. After that you can print out

the order form and drop off the order to Costco bakery. Make sure you write down your information such

as member name, phone number, pick up date and pick up time.

[gview file=”http://www.formspdf.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/costco-cake-order-form-pdf.pdf” height=”600px” width=”600px” save=”1″]

Deciding to get Costco cake

Right after you complete your costco cake order form then you are able to send and wait for the delivery

order from Costco bakery. It is better for you to insert the photo in Costco cake order form. Actually

Costco cake ideas is amazing ideas to order special cake recently. You don’t need to wait and spend your

time only for choosing the best cake.

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