Cleaning Business Forms and Their Properties

Cleaning Business Forms

Cleaning business relies on service and customer satisfaction. This business requires form for schedule, maintenance, monitoring, and payment. They are properties of cleaning business forms. For your information, cleaning business has several kinds. You may find freelance service which offers personal home cleaning. This business only uses simple form to control their work. More complex business will use computer to control schedule and payment. If you are owner of this kind business, it is better to check the following part to know properties of your form.

Cleaning Business Forms

Properties in Cleaning Business Forms

  1. Personal data

Every form has difference in term of specific sets of question, but personal data is commonly similar. In cleaning business forms, personal data will be name, address, phone number, and housing type. Name in this matter includes client, customer, employee, and company. Cleaning business doesn’t need to take sensitive information such as building status, birth date, or any personal information that involve secret and sensitive aspect. Form is for two parties, client and company.

  1. Payment method

In each of business form, payment method is inevitable question. You may put some option such as cash or via bank. If payment is in cash method, it is better to attach receipt at back of form. Payment via bank will include account holder and number of money. Company cannot ask about password or any sensitive closure information.

  1. Tools, machine, and method

In cleaning business forms, you will put inquiry for tools, machine, and method. Client need to choose how their home will be cleaned. Tools and machine are quite similar. Machine tends to more sophisticated and usually for building. On the other hand, tools for cleaning are simple and small withe easy to handle. Methods are how house or building need to be cleaned. It depends on company service.

  1. Special request and signature

Signature is important to show responsibility and official mark. Form without signature is lack of confidentially. This is high-risk issue when deal with integrity of business. Sometimes, clients have house or building with difference layout. Cleaning company cannot apply common service. To solve this matter, form should provide additional information to put special request. This matter comes in handy for bookkeeping.

From list above, you may see common parts, but the rest is new. Cleaning business is not as simple as you imagine. There are complex matters, include cleaning business forms that need to put much concern. The key of creating form is simple but effective to capture essential information.

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