Things To Do When You Can’t Find Your Online I 94 Form Pdf

I 94 Form Pdf

I 94 form df is the departure Record issued by the Department of Homeland Security for the foreigners who visit the United States or those who want to get the additional time for staying longer in the Us. It will be attached in their passport by the Customs and Border Protection officer. Thus, in the I-94 form pdf, you’ll find the date on or before you need to leave the United States officially. Here, you may get some difficulty in finding your identity for the online version of i-94. But, don’t worry, there will be some useful tips to solve this problem.

I 94 Form Pdf

Here are things to do when you can’t find your online I 94 form pdf

  1. Re-check your name

To find the i-94 form, you need to enter your name as your identity. However, sometimes in typing the name, you might miss one or two items which cause the online i-94 become undetected by the system. So, make sure that you have completely checked the writing of your name, both the first and the last name. Also, you need to remember that those name must be the exact name that appears on your passport.

  1. Try entering one name or other.

If you still have difficulty in finding your i-94 form after checking your name spell, then you may try this tips. You can enter either your first name or middle name only, not both of them. Another tip is, you may enter both your first and middle name in the first name box.

i 94 form pdf sample

  1. Re-check passport number

When you have done completing your I 94 form pdf and process it, then you may locate your online i-94. However, in some cases, it won’t appear. This might happen because of the passport number that you don’t type correctly. Here, you need to re-check again, and perhaps you type a wrong order.

  1. Re-check the country of citizenship

You need to differ which country that you currently live in and which country that your passport was issued. If it is different, then you may write the wrong country. In I 94 form pdf, the country that you need to fill in must be the one that issued the passport. So, look at your passport and type according to it.

  1. Contact the nearest CBP

After trying all of those tips above, but you still get no results dealing with your I 94 form application, then you should contact the Customs and Border Protection office in the United States. Here, you may also visit their site or contact number in Deferred Inspection Site to help you solve the problem.

  1. Visit the site to locate  the nearest CBP Office

There is some CBP office in the United States and to help you find your missing I 94 form pdf online, you can come to the nearest office by visiting their site first. Then, you can find a list full of CBP locations in the US that are ordered by its alphabetical list. Thus, you can get the full address and immediately visit the office to assist you.

When you can’t find your i 94 form pdf online, you don’t have to panic or worry. There might be some mistakes that you make when you are entering the data. Here, you can follow the tips above in re-checking every data that you input. In the end, when you still can’t find your I 94 form data, then you need to contact the nearest CBP office for further information and also you may consult the officer with every problem you encounter.

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