The Personal Information That You Need to Fill In Pdf Form N-400

Pdf Form n-400 sample

Pdf form n-400 is an application used for those who want to apply for US citizenship. There are many requirements that you need to follow so that you can officially register as the naturalized US citizen. This form is part of the Department of Homeland Security, specifically U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. In the section that requires filling the information about you, there are some points that you need to enter.

Pdf Form n-400 sample

Here are the important points that you need to fill in pdf form n-400

  1. Full name

In the first section of the pdf form n-400, you will be asked to enter your name. It must be your legal name which is based on the name written in your certificate birth unless it has been changed after marriage or other matters. Enter it completely and not the nickname only.

  1. Full name based on Permanent Resident Card

If you have a Permanent Resident Card, write your name based on it. However, if you don’t have a Permanent Resident Card, you don’t need to write your name, merely type “N/A” on your form n-400 sheet.

  1. Other names

In this section, there will be many kinds of the name included, such as aliases, maiden name, and nicknames. Type all of your names here and use another sheet of paper, if the space given is not enough.

  1. Name change

In name change, you may request the court to give you name change or not. It is usually changed after marriage, or divorce or any other court order. You also need to remember that your name change will not be final until you have been naturalized.

  1. The number of social security

If you have US Social Security Card, then you need to fill in the number in this section of your form n-400. Enter the number properly and correctly. If you don’t have social security number, then you just have to type “N/A” in this section simply.

  1. The number of USCIS online number

In your form n-400, fill in USCIS online number the by logging in first into its official website and then go to your profile page. Here, you may find the online account number at the top of the notice section. Also, make sure that the A-number is not similar to your USCIS online account number.

  1. Gender

This is a general information in the n-400 application that you need to indicate whether you are a male or a female.

  1. Date of Birth

In the pdf form n-400, you need to write your date of birth in eight numbers that consist of the month first, the day and then the year. Also, this is a must section that you need to fill in. If you don’t type your birthdate, then your n-400 will be rejected.

  1. The official date of your permanent residence

When you became the permanent resident, the official will give you a permanent resident card that includes the date of your permanent residence in it. Next, simply type the pdf form n-400 of the permanent residence date started with the month, day and then year.

  1. Country of the Birth

This one is pretty simple because you just need to type the name of the country where you were born.

  1. Country of Nationality

Type the name of the country where you currently exist as the citizen.

  1. Any physical or mental disability

This condition is related to the understanding of English as the language used in the US.

Those are some personal information of n-400 that you need to fill in its pdf version. With a big amount of citizens in the US, the pdf form n-400 online version makes it easier to manage.

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