The New Features Of New Pdf Form i-9 That You Need To Know

Pdf Form i-9

Pdf form i-9 is an employment authorization form that is used in the United States to verify the identity that includes citizens and noncitizens, employees and employers. Also, the government provides the i-9 pdf version which can be downloaded instantly to ease the employers to fill in the form.  Since the Trump’s governmental, the form is renewed on September 18th, 2017 and consists of some changes that must be completed by each employer. In the article below, there will be some changes that you need to know.

Pdf Form i-9

The new features of new pdf form i-9 that you need to know

  1. The title of the pdf form i-9 instructions.

Pdf Form i-9 New

In the old version, the i-9 pdf instructions has a longer title while in the latest version, it is much more simplified. For further information, you better download the pdf version and see it by yourself.

  1. The Report of Birth in List C.

In the acceptable documents section of forms i-9, there will be new menu added. This new menu is put in the section 2 and 3 in the List C. Also, this new menu will appear in both paper version and pdf version.

Pdf Form i-9 for Business

  1. The certificate of report birth are all combined.

Still in the same page as previous one, in the list C of acceptable documents list, the Department of State implements that the certifications of the report of birth will include all of the birth certifications, such as form FS-545, form FS-240 and form DS-1350. This change also appears in the pdf form i-9.

Pdf Form i-9 Employment

  1. The renumbered in all List C of pdf form i-9.

In all documents of the section of List C documents will be given a new number order which starts from 1 until 7. The number 7 will be used for the section of Employment Authorization Document issued by the Department of Homeland Security. However, this change will not be applied for the first section but the remaining of the sections.

  1. The new additional data fields.

For each employee who wants to complete their i-9 form, in the Employer Information And Attestation Section, there will be some additional information, such as the employee’s email address, telephone number along with the information of the foreign passport. Here, the new information is optional to complete.

  1. More list in the Employer Review and Verification Section.

The old version of List A in the Employer Review and Verification Section had only two rooms for two documents. Since the new regulation of i-9 pdf form, space is added so that it can fit for three documents. These three documents include the visa holders (J-1) or the students completing (optional practical training).

  1. There are more items in Social Security Cards.

The Social Security Cards section is located in the List C Document that Establishes Employment Authorization. Here, the items will be added more by some restrictions, such as items stated for NOT VALID FOR EMPLOYMENT, for the VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH INS AUTHORIZATION, and for the VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION.

  1. There is no verification of identity document

If you look at the column of Reverification & Rehires in Section 3 of pdf form i-9, there will be no clarification needed for the List B of document identity. So, after finish completing all of the data, you just need to click on the finish button.

With the list explained above, you may recognize some changes that appear in the new pdf form i-9. Thus, these changes are used to ease each in completing the form and make the data much more complete and valid. If you haven’t get your form renewed, then fill in the new version of form i-9 immediately since it is an obligatory thing to do as an employer.

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