How to Submit Your W 9 Forms Pdf


Form W 9 is issued by the Internal Revenue Service of Department of the Treasury. This form is used by the employee or individuals to provide the taxpayer identification number that will be given to their supervisor or to the entity that pays for their income. The w 9 forms pdf payment will be used by the employer to process the  payroll but it doesn’t have to be sent to the IRS. There are some important steps that you need to do before submitting the form.

W 9 Forms pdf

Now, take a look at the steps on how to submit your w 9 forms pdf below

  1. Download the w 9 forms pdf

The first thing to do, you need to download the form.  To get the official form, you need to visit the IRS official website. Then, use the search engine to type w 9 forms pdf there. After waiting for seconds, you may see the link, then click and download the pdf form. After this, you will see four pages of the form along with the complete instructions in it. Then, you can print it out or simply type it down to fill in the form.

  1. Start with names

At the first section of the w 9 form, there are two columns for the name. The first one is your full name that appears on your income tax return.  The second one is your business name. Here, if you have entity name, then you may include it here. If your business name and the name on the previous column is different, then you have to fill it with your business name.

  1. Tax classification

Going to the next w 9 form section, you need to tick the appropriate box based on your employment. For those who are employed and self-employed, you may check the individual/sole proprietor box. However, if you have partnerships or corporations, choose the other appropriate box. Also, don’t forget to complete the following sections, like address, city, state and ZIP code.

  1. Fill in the TIN

TIN stands for Taxpayer Identification Number. In your w 9 forms pdf, you will see the Part I section which asks for the social security number. Thus, simply type the numbers there correctly. For those who have their own business, complete the employer identification number, in its section below the social security number. Finally, you may sign and date the form below the Part II section.

  1. The backup withholding

The backup withholding happens when IRS requires the individual who requests the w 9 form application to withhold a certain percentage of the income to be used as the federal income taxes. The IRS will immediately inform you if you need to do the backup withholding. After that, don’t forget to inform your company to provide the w 9 forms pdf to withhold the taxes from the income.

  1. Submit the form

To submit the form is not  a  difficult thing to do. After completing all of the steps above, you just need to submit the w 9 complete form to the human resources department of your company or simply to your supervisor. After this, your job is done.  Later, this form will be kept as the personnel file or reference for processing the payroll payment.

Now, you don’t have to worry or be confused anymore in submitting your w 9 forms pdf. The steps above are very easy and simple to do. As an employee, you need to fill in this form and submit it to your supervisor or HRD department immediately so that you can get your income safely.

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