The Importance of Employment Application Pdf

One of the types of application formats is employment application pdf format. The employment application is the form that submitted by the applicant to fill out the job position. This document is submitted to the employer. Almost all companies require the applicant to enclose the employment application. This document has the legal standing and consequences both employers and applicant. This document available in some format that is offline and online and made with word or template format.

Employment Application Pdf Sample

The job application letter contains the information about applicant identity, historical applicant employment, degrees, educational background, motivation, qualifications, etc. The application is created in question form that needs the accurate responses. The employment application also as the applicant commitment which probably the employer to assess the applicant quality and to determine whether will accept or rejected the applicant.

Almost all the companies obliged the applicant to fill out the application that provided by Human Resources Department. The employment application process begins from Department Manager which is in charge of selecting the application and cooperation with Human Resource Department to determine which the applicants will call to interview. When the interview held, the applicant will be obliged to complete their application letter.

Why is the Employment Application Pdf Important for Employers?

The most important thing that needed by employers is commitment. The job seekers should offer their capacity and capability when applying for the job. The employment application pdf made in such a way to synchronise between what the employer’s need and the applicant wants. Here some reasons that why the employment application is important for employers.

  1. Checking and Verify the applicant information

On the employment application usually provide the applicant’s signature space. It means the information that written in work application form are honest and real. In this document, there is the statement “The signature of an applicant is prove that all the information on an employment application and resume are true”. It refers to prevent the applicant from cheating and lying.

  1. The employers get the standardisation of information

The applicant requires to full fill an employment application to aim to collect the same format and data from one applicant with another applicant. So, the company administration well organised. Besides that, the employers need to gain the standardisation of applicant information that requested.

  1. The sign to know the applicant understanding of applicants about the policy

Through the employment application form, the applicants considered that they have read and understood the procedure, specific policies, and their job responsibility that are mentioned in it. Besides that, it indicates that the employers give the same opportunity and non discriminating his or her worker.

  1. The employment application sample

Legal Name: ________________________Preferred Name: _______________________

Address:___________________________Phone Number: ________________________

Email Address: ______________________

Position Applying For: ______________________________________________________

Why do you want this position? What is your contribution for this position? ____________



Are you able to team work and working underpressure?


If you faced the 2 choices, between celebrate your mom birthday or go to meeting in office, which one will you choose?




Describe the relation between money and carrier in your opinion?




Describe the ideal leader for the company?





Please attach your requirements to this application.

If we are interested, we will notify you via email within 48 hours of an interview schedule.

By put the signing below, I confirm that the information provided on this application and my resume are accurate, truthful and can be accounted for.


Signature: ______________________________________ Date:__________________


The important thing to avoid on the application is spelt out the race, gender, age, and reasons for termination from a previous job. For the job seekers, don’t forget to practice to fill out the application by download the blank employment application pdf. It’s useful for you to make your application more accurate and not waste time.

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Best Questions To Include In An Employment Application Form

There are many important things to consider when creating an employment application form. It is not only about your personal information, but it also includes some job experiences or training experiences that can you offer to the company. Besides, in your employment application form, you may also add some questions that can prove the company that you are worth to hire. Here are the best 20 questions you may use some.

Employment Application Form 2018

The best 20 questions for an employment application form.

  1. The position you want

You may include the position you want in a company. When there is a job vacancy, the company usually offers some positions that you may choose one of them based on your skill or interest.

  1. The reason to work in the certain company

In your employment application form, you can include the reason why you want to work in the company. It is pretty important since it provides information to the company dealing with your motivation to work in the company.

  1. Your free hours

Make sure you also explain about your availability or your free hours in your employment form.  Later, the company may know your available hours to work.

  1. The best accomplishments

Here, you may also explain your best accomplishments in the last job or the last role you were in. It also can support your skill or ability so that the company can be surer to give you the position they offer after reading your employment letter.

  1. Your decision in facing tough times

This question is also mostly asked by the interviewer. Thus, you may simply include this in your employment application form. Explain it clearly and reasonably about your decision when you meet a kind of tough decision.

  1. Explain your last job experience in a teamwork

A teamwork experience is also pretty important for  you to write in your employment application from. The company needs to know your last experience and how you cope with your team before.

Free Employment Application Form

  1. Personal Strengths

Here, you can include your strengths in about three main points and then give a short and clear explanation for each. They don’t have to be job-related, but it covers the skill and the personality traits that the company wants to.

  1. Weaknesses

Not only strengths, but you may also include your weaknesses. Make sure that you also explain the solutions that you use when you face your weaknesses in your employment application letter. Thus, you can give a good impression to the company to hire you as one of their employees.

  1. Favorite job

Based on your job experiences, you can explain to the company about the best job that you had ever done before. Tell them about some important points like the success of your past job, your position and the reasons why you like that job.

  1. The reason you seek for a new job

There are certain reasons why you want to have a new job or move on from the previous one. To explain about this, you can write a brief explanation of your employment application and provide a short story about it.

In writing an employment application form, the questions above can help you to get a better impression from the company. In your employment form, make sure you include at least five questions with your best answers. By reading the article above, you may choose the best five as your employment questions that relate to your skill and job experience. Now, write and arrange your employment form completely and good luck!

The Importance of Residential Lease Agreement

The Importance of Residential Lease Agreement – The residential lease agreement or usually called House Lease Agreement is a form or contract letter that made between landlord and his tenant about renting house or apartment. This agreement has the legal binding. This document contains the identity of landlord and tenant, descriptions of property, requirements, rights, obligations, payment, and regulations that should be obeyed by landlord and tenant.

The lease agreement has the legal binding than a verbal lease agreement. Why? Because that agreement is made by writing and has the legal consequence. It’s different from a verbal lease; the verbal lease agreement hasn’t the legal binding and difficult to obey. If the problems arise, and the landlord and tenant bring out the case to the court, the court has to interpret the evidence that submitted from both.

Residential Lease Agreement Regulations

The function of making lease agreement is to avoid misinterpretation between landlord and tenant. Besides that, it’s important to put the terms of the agreement. When someday there are any problems happen, the parties can review the agreement and decide the best solution for them. The written agreement also ease the court in the evidentiary system and find the fairest solution.

The Terms That Should Include in Residential Lease Agreement.

In general, the parts of residential lease agreement consists of the description of the property, the parties identity, leasing duration, lease renewal, and cost. Some important terms should pay attention to you when you decide to rent a house or apartment.

  1. The names of all tenants

Making the lease agreement between two parties also contain the names of all tenants. In the United States, the tenants that married or unmarried couple should register themselves as the tenant. This provision means that each tenant has the responsibility for all terms that were written in the lease agreement. This provision is legally binding for all tenants at one house or apartment. If one of the tenants violate the term, the leasing company can dismiss the tenancy period to all tenants.

  1. The limit of occupancy

The limit of your occupancy should specify and mention on the residential lease agreement. It’s important to you because it’s your right. This provision gives the guarantee to you to do an action to evict everyone that doing their activities in your occupation without your permitted.

  1. Duration of tenancy

The lease agreement form should state the duration of the tenancy. The lease agreement usually run month by month or year to year and mention the renewal system by self, except it ended by landlord or tenant. You have to give a notice about this case. Because it may sound trivial, but this provision has the legal consequence to you about how long you have the authority to occupy the house or apartment.

  1. Cost

The rental agreement should mention the amount of rental cost. The goal of this term is to prevent the problems or confusion between tenant and landlord. If needed, you can submit the details of costs, include the payment method, the late fees if the cost not paid on time, and there’s a grace time or not.

  1. The illegal and restrictions activity

On the residential lease agreement should specify explain the illegal and restriction activity of tenants. It’s important to prevent and minimize the trouble among tenants, or between landlord and tenant. Besides that, it’s possible to prevent the property damage because of excessive noise, disruptive of residents behavior like consuming the drug or alcohol.

For the last, the residential leasing is very important to give legal protection for the society in general and the landlord and tenant in specific. The residential lease agreement also as a state concern form to give the best service for society.

The Advantages You Get By Using a Sample Lease Agreement

Before a lessor (the owner of an asset) and a lessee (the user of an asset) agree in purchasing or leasing an item, they will arrange some kinds of agreements. Here, it is used for kinds of purposes. First, it may help both the lessor and the lessee to maintain the tax benefit. Besides, it also purposed to prevent any kinds of ownership proceeding. Also, using a sample lease agreement can provide you with many advantages as explained in the paragraph below.

Sample Lease Agreement

The Advantages You Get By Using a Sample Lease Agreement

  1. Stabilize the outflow cash

The most advantaging benefit that you get from a sample lease agreement is that it can help to stabilize your business outflow cash. The payment of leasing is spread out over several years which can make your business company save more cash payment. In other words, the business may run a steady cash flow.

  1. Maintaining the quality of the assets

Leasing an asset means that the lessor still has the ownership of the assets while the lessee just rents them for a certain time. By using a lease agreement, you may have access to invest some assets with good quality which can provide you with an additional income.

  1. Get a better capital usage

If a company uses a lease arrangement form, it means that the asset is aimed to be rented or leased rather than purchased. Thus, the fund paid by the lessee can be used by the lessor as a great capital for other kinds of need or simply as a capital investment.

  1. Reduce the tax payment

Paying for a leasing is considered as part of the expenses operating. In other words, it means that using a sample leasing agreement may reduce the tax payment that you need to pay. Thus, it may provide you with a higher income and can maintain your expanses operating.

  1. Considered as an off-balance debt

Leasing sheet may prevent you from any debt to your company since the lease itself is different from debt. In other words, leasing will not be included on your company’s balance sheet.

  1. A better expense planning

The payment for the lease is usually stable for life of the user or the lease tenor. Even, if you use sample leasing agreement, then the payment usually grows within the inflation. Thus, easing can help you in managing your expense or cash outflow planning.

  1. Costs a low capital

For the company who just started a new business, then leasing is one of the best recommendation since it costs a lower capital and requires a low CapEx as well.

  1. Leasing is an ideal option for technology business

In the technology business, the problem occurs is when the technology assets become obsolete. Fortunately, with leasing application, there will be great returns that can save your business from the risk of some out-dated technologies.

  1. More flexible for the owner

Using a sample lease agreement can provide the owner to get the rights to buy the assets or to end the leasing contract. It means the business owner will have much more flexibility towards the property.

If you are still wondering about what benefits you get from using a sample leasing agreement, now after reading the article above you will get some references about the advantages of leasing. Obviously, it provides you with many business benefits that can improve your company and also attract more lessee to join. So, now, no need to worry whether to use a leasing or not.

The Important Terms to Include in a Rental Agreement Template

When a tenant (the buyer) and a landlord (the one who owns a property) have decided a deal each other about renting a property, then they need a rental agreement template as a formal document to legalize the deal. The property mentioned here includes a house, an apartment, room or any other living spaces. Also, there are some important terms that you need to include in a rental agreement template which will be explained below.

Rental Agreement Template

The important terms to include in your rental agreement

  1. The name of the tenants

In this part, all occupant who lives in the house must be included in a rental agreement template. Make sure you provide enough space to data all of the tenants who use or rent your property.

  1. The occupancy limitation

You also need to make a kind of agreement in your rental template on how much the tenants that use the rented or purchased property. Thus, you will have a right to know who lives in your rented house or property.

  1. The tenancy terms

Here, you need to agree on the duration of your rented or purchased property. It may start from month-to-month or even for every one year. To make a clear agreement between the landlord and the tenants, you need to include this rental agreement term.

  1. The specification of the rent

This section is also a must in a rental agreement template since it consists of the information about the amount of the rent payment, the payment methods as well as the due time to pay. Also, you may include some regulations if your tenants pay it late or after the due time.

  1. The payment

The payment here is more about the deposits and the fees of the property. This is also important to avoid confusing or problems between the landlord and the tenants.

  1. The repair and maintenance

In this part, it includes the specification for the tenants to keep the property clean with the right sanitary. Besides, for the security, some security alarms are also needed as well as painting walls. Include your permission and regulations dealing with these cases.

  1. The legal access to the property

There will be some property that is your and some others that belong to the tenants. To make a clear line between the tenants’ property and your property, you may make a legal access to your rental agreement template.

  1. The restrictions on tenants activity

To avoid any kinds of harmful activity or damage to your property that may cause by the tenants or other people around, you may create some kinds of regulations in your agreement template towards the tenants’ activity. It could be about restrictions on disruptive behavior like exaggerating noise and illegal activity like drugs dealing and many others.

  1. Pets restrictions

If you want the yard to be clean from any animal waste, then you may restrict the tenants to bring pets. However, you may also allow them but with the certain regulations in your rental agreement template, like the size of the animal and the number of the pets allowed on your property.

  1. Other regulations or restrictions

Last but not least, you may also include other kinds of regulations or restrictions into your rental agreement forms, such as rules about additional tenants, security and safety, deposits, rental property and many others.

Make sure you include all of the information above to your rental agreement template. Those regulations can be used to make clear rights between the tenants and the landlord. Also, it may prevent you from any kinds of misconceptions.

How To Make T-Shirt Order Form in Microsoft Word

If you own a t-shirt business, then creating a t-shirt form can help your customer to design the t-shirt they want much more easily. Also, in this globalization era, you can easily make a t-shirt form that you can provide to your customers. You don’t have to hire an expert of computer programming or a master in computer application. You just need to open your Microsoft Word application and follow the instruction below to make a perfect t-shirt form.

T-Shirt Order Form

The steps to make a t-shirt form in Microsoft Word

  1. Set the margin and the font

To start making a t-shirt form, open the Microsoft Word on your computer or laptop. After that, go directly to the margin setting that you can find in the Layout menu bar. Set it to be one inch for each margin. Then, go back to the home menu bar and set your font size along with the font style. It is recommended to set 10 until 12 points to make readable, and the style could be Times New Roman, Arial or Georgia.

  1. Include the company’s logo

After that, don’t forget to include the logo of your t-shirt company in your t-shirt purchase outline. You may put this logo on top of the form. It could be in the right corner, the left corner or even in the middle. It will be much better if you include the contact information as well, like phone number, website address or any social media account to ease the customer in reaching the information of your company.

  1. Insert the costumer’s information

Not only the company’s information, but you also need to provide space for your costumer’s information in your t-shirt form. This is also important for your company’s in processing the purchased items. Some information that you may add here, such as, the name of the costumer, the address, and active phone number. Also, another important information is the payment info.

  1. Create your t-shirt design column

In this part, you need to provide a column where your customer can input their t-shirt design. It may be created in four column with many rows below. The columns consists of the item number or code (if you use code) or any other description related to a certain t-shirt design. Then, the size, the quantity and the price. You may also add more column for other additional information like the t-shirt’s color and much more.

  1. Shipping cost column

After designing the t-shirt, your customer will be required to fulfill the payment column in a t-shirt form. This column may ease your costumers to get the payment information. Besides, you may also add a special instructions column dealing with your shipping cost.

  1. Save the form

If you have finished designing the purchase form, then don’t forget to save the file. To make is much easier to identify, you may add a master copy to your t-shirt form document. Also, you can convert your word file into pdf document to make it better and much simpler to use by your customers.

Now, if you have followed all of the steps above, you may create your t-shirt purchase document and publish it as your company’s t-shirt form. Thus, when your costumers want to design their t-shirt, they just need to simply use this form and get the t-shirt that they want. Also, to make this kind of form, you don’t need to use kinds of sophisticated application. Merely open your Microsoft word office and follow the steps above from beginning until the end.

The Great 6 Advantages of Purchase Order Form

Purchase order form is usually used as the substitute for the money cash. In some cases, cash flow problems usually exist. For example, when there is not enough cash to cover the cost of the payment required by the client, then the company need to find other supplies that can solve this problem. Thus, the role of purchase order plays an important part here. In the article below, there will be six great advantages of using a purchase order.

Purchase Order Form

Here are the great six advantages of purchase order

  1. It is more efficient to use

By using a purchase order for your business payment process, you can improve the efficiency of your manufacturing supply system. In the business world, efficiency is one of the most important things that is needed to improve the quality of your business company. If your business has a high efficiency, that it can be a competitive field that may compete with other company.

  1. Quick and Easy to Manage

Using a purchase order application can help you to manage the documents much quickly and easily. This purchase order is created in the form of pdf or word which is included as electronic documents. Thus, to operate these files, you just need to access it in seconds and a few clicks rather than when you use piles of manila folders. They take much time to create, especially when you want to find the history of your files.

  1. Decrease the error or mistakes

Technology like computers is made by humans. However, when it is dealing with some kinds of accuracy tasks, a human might create errors or mistakes. If this happens to the business orders, then, it may cause a loss or even chaos. So, using an automatic system or other sophisticated technology like a purchase order form may reduce some errors and make your transactions much easier and quicker to do.

  1. Quick access and delivery

As we know, the fast response business company can attract more clients to join in. This is another great advantage of purchase order that you can get. As mentioned before, to operate this form, it only requires a few clicks with a fast process which can manage more time and can improve the company’s development. Thus, it can satisfy your clients and make them trust your company as their business partner.

  1. Organize your piles of inventory files

If you want to improve the inventory management of your company, then you should apply the purchase order form to substitute the conventional way, like papers that take lots of time and spaces to use.  If you can streamline your company’s inventory management, it can provide many benefits to your company, such as lower the loss and high the profits.

  1. Improve the decision-making process

In doing business, a great decision-making skill is highly needed to avoid mistakes and improve the quality of your company. There are various kinds of clients that are needed to be treated kindly. So, by using a purchase order form, you can achieve those best characteristics of an ideal business company. In other words, you can limit the errors and mistakes that may occur in your business process.

After all, using a purchase order in your company can completely improve the quality of your company and boost the profits level. Also, it can make your company becomes one of the compatible company and get much more clients to join and work together. Thus, the purchase order form is one of the best solutions you can use in your business company for both the comfort and the success of your company and your clients as well.

How to Submit Your W 9 Forms Pdf

Form W 9 is issued by the Internal Revenue Service of Department of the Treasury. This form is used by the employee or individuals to provide the taxpayer identification number that will be given to their supervisor or to the entity that pays for their income. The w 9 forms pdf payment will be used by the employer to process the  payroll but it doesn’t have to be sent to the IRS. There are some important steps that you need to do before submitting the form.

W 9 Forms pdf

Now, take a look at the steps on how to submit your w 9 forms pdf below

  1. Download the w 9 forms pdf

The first thing to do, you need to download the form.  To get the official form, you need to visit the IRS official website. Then, use the search engine to type w 9 forms pdf there. After waiting for seconds, you may see the link, then click and download the pdf form. After this, you will see four pages of the form along with the complete instructions in it. Then, you can print it out or simply type it down to fill in the form.

  1. Start with names

At the first section of the w 9 form, there are two columns for the name. The first one is your full name that appears on your income tax return.  The second one is your business name. Here, if you have entity name, then you may include it here. If your business name and the name on the previous column is different, then you have to fill it with your business name.

  1. Tax classification

Going to the next w 9 form section, you need to tick the appropriate box based on your employment. For those who are employed and self-employed, you may check the individual/sole proprietor box. However, if you have partnerships or corporations, choose the other appropriate box. Also, don’t forget to complete the following sections, like address, city, state and ZIP code.

  1. Fill in the TIN

TIN stands for Taxpayer Identification Number. In your w 9 forms pdf, you will see the Part I section which asks for the social security number. Thus, simply type the numbers there correctly. For those who have their own business, complete the employer identification number, in its section below the social security number. Finally, you may sign and date the form below the Part II section.

  1. The backup withholding

The backup withholding happens when IRS requires the individual who requests the w 9 form application to withhold a certain percentage of the income to be used as the federal income taxes. The IRS will immediately inform you if you need to do the backup withholding. After that, don’t forget to inform your company to provide the w 9 forms pdf to withhold the taxes from the income.

  1. Submit the form

To submit the form is not  a  difficult thing to do. After completing all of the steps above, you just need to submit the w 9 complete form to the human resources department of your company or simply to your supervisor. After this, your job is done.  Later, this form will be kept as the personnel file or reference for processing the payroll payment.

Now, you don’t have to worry or be confused anymore in submitting your w 9 forms pdf. The steps above are very easy and simple to do. As an employee, you need to fill in this form and submit it to your supervisor or HRD department immediately so that you can get your income safely.

The Personal Information That You Need to Fill In Pdf Form N-400

Pdf form n-400 is an application used for those who want to apply for US citizenship. There are many requirements that you need to follow so that you can officially register as the naturalized US citizen. This form is part of the Department of Homeland Security, specifically U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. In the section that requires filling the information about you, there are some points that you need to enter.

Pdf Form n-400 sample

Here are the important points that you need to fill in pdf form n-400

  1. Full name

In the first section of the pdf form n-400, you will be asked to enter your name. It must be your legal name which is based on the name written in your certificate birth unless it has been changed after marriage or other matters. Enter it completely and not the nickname only.

  1. Full name based on Permanent Resident Card

If you have a Permanent Resident Card, write your name based on it. However, if you don’t have a Permanent Resident Card, you don’t need to write your name, merely type “N/A” on your form n-400 sheet.

  1. Other names

In this section, there will be many kinds of the name included, such as aliases, maiden name, and nicknames. Type all of your names here and use another sheet of paper, if the space given is not enough.

  1. Name change

In name change, you may request the court to give you name change or not. It is usually changed after marriage, or divorce or any other court order. You also need to remember that your name change will not be final until you have been naturalized.

  1. The number of social security

If you have US Social Security Card, then you need to fill in the number in this section of your form n-400. Enter the number properly and correctly. If you don’t have social security number, then you just have to type “N/A” in this section simply.

  1. The number of USCIS online number

In your form n-400, fill in USCIS online number the by logging in first into its official website and then go to your profile page. Here, you may find the online account number at the top of the notice section. Also, make sure that the A-number is not similar to your USCIS online account number.

  1. Gender

This is a general information in the n-400 application that you need to indicate whether you are a male or a female.

  1. Date of Birth

In the pdf form n-400, you need to write your date of birth in eight numbers that consist of the month first, the day and then the year. Also, this is a must section that you need to fill in. If you don’t type your birthdate, then your n-400 will be rejected.

  1. The official date of your permanent residence

When you became the permanent resident, the official will give you a permanent resident card that includes the date of your permanent residence in it. Next, simply type the pdf form n-400 of the permanent residence date started with the month, day and then year.

  1. Country of the Birth

This one is pretty simple because you just need to type the name of the country where you were born.

  1. Country of Nationality

Type the name of the country where you currently exist as the citizen.

  1. Any physical or mental disability

This condition is related to the understanding of English as the language used in the US.

Those are some personal information of n-400 that you need to fill in its pdf version. With a big amount of citizens in the US, the pdf form n-400 online version makes it easier to manage.

Things To Do When You Can’t Find Your Online I 94 Form Pdf

I 94 form df is the departure Record issued by the Department of Homeland Security for the foreigners who visit the United States or those who want to get the additional time for staying longer in the Us. It will be attached in their passport by the Customs and Border Protection officer. Thus, in the I-94 form pdf, you’ll find the date on or before you need to leave the United States officially. Here, you may get some difficulty in finding your identity for the online version of i-94. But, don’t worry, there will be some useful tips to solve this problem.

I 94 Form Pdf

Here are things to do when you can’t find your online I 94 form pdf

  1. Re-check your name

To find the i-94 form, you need to enter your name as your identity. However, sometimes in typing the name, you might miss one or two items which cause the online i-94 become undetected by the system. So, make sure that you have completely checked the writing of your name, both the first and the last name. Also, you need to remember that those name must be the exact name that appears on your passport.

  1. Try entering one name or other.

If you still have difficulty in finding your i-94 form after checking your name spell, then you may try this tips. You can enter either your first name or middle name only, not both of them. Another tip is, you may enter both your first and middle name in the first name box.

i 94 form pdf sample

  1. Re-check passport number

When you have done completing your I 94 form pdf and process it, then you may locate your online i-94. However, in some cases, it won’t appear. This might happen because of the passport number that you don’t type correctly. Here, you need to re-check again, and perhaps you type a wrong order.

  1. Re-check the country of citizenship

You need to differ which country that you currently live in and which country that your passport was issued. If it is different, then you may write the wrong country. In I 94 form pdf, the country that you need to fill in must be the one that issued the passport. So, look at your passport and type according to it.

  1. Contact the nearest CBP

After trying all of those tips above, but you still get no results dealing with your I 94 form application, then you should contact the Customs and Border Protection office in the United States. Here, you may also visit their site or contact number in Deferred Inspection Site to help you solve the problem.

  1. Visit the site to locate  the nearest CBP Office

There is some CBP office in the United States and to help you find your missing I 94 form pdf online, you can come to the nearest office by visiting their site first. Then, you can find a list full of CBP locations in the US that are ordered by its alphabetical list. Thus, you can get the full address and immediately visit the office to assist you.

When you can’t find your i 94 form pdf online, you don’t have to panic or worry. There might be some mistakes that you make when you are entering the data. Here, you can follow the tips above in re-checking every data that you input. In the end, when you still can’t find your I 94 form data, then you need to contact the nearest CBP office for further information and also you may consult the officer with every problem you encounter.